Why Lazy Xenon Ions?

It started with a cheap manual lens on an outdated camera. Less than £100 spent. Something to play around with on the days when the light was bad. 

The lens was a Zonlai, the camera a Sony Nex model. So the project was named Lazy Xenon Ions, an anagram of Sony Nex Zonlai.

Shooting manual was a revelatory experience. A renewed appreciation of photography. The process slows down, decisions about aperture and focal point become more deliberate. 

When the lockdown narrowed the world to the distance of a walk, searching for Lazy Xenon Ions meant finding beauty in the ordinary, giving substance to the mundane and accepting, no, embracing the imperfect.

B. Hartig

Sony Nex 5N & Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Sony Nex 5N & Zonlai 22mm F1.8

B. Hartig
United Kingdom
Email: contact@lazy-xenon-ions.com
Website: www.lazy-xenon-ions.com

Lazy Xenon Ions is currently in Season 2. You can buy the first book on Blurb.