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Why Lazy Xenon Ions?

Lazy Xenon Ions is an anagram for Sony Nex Zonlai, the camera and lens, respectively, used for all images on this site.

It all started when I decided to get a cheap manual lens for a partly-broken Sony NEX-C3 I had aquired as part of a bundle. I acquired a used Zonlai 22mm F1.7 lens on ebay, created a Lightroom preset with a bit of a vintage flair and took the camera out when the light was not right for normal photography.

Shooting manual was a completely different experience and it gave me a renewed appreciation for photography. Everything slows down and decisions about aperture and focal point become much more deliberate. 

The broken C3 was soon replaced with a working 5N and I have since acquired many more manual lenses, but the Zonlai is still my favourite despite of, or because, its salient flaws.